The Vision


Professionally, I have three passions in life:




Global Security and Development





My vision is to create a company that merges the visionary outcomes of think tank with the business and security accumen of a consulting company.  We produce invaluable and insightful studies and articles, speak around the globe ranging from small corporate settings to large conferences, and we provide an array of cybersecurity and global growth strategies to organizations large and small.


We see that these topics are increasingly interdependent, consider: 


How can a company truly understand how to protect it's global enterprise from hackers without understanding how their enterprise fits into the geopolitical environment in which they operate or without understanding why hackers would be motivated to hack them in the first place?


Is it possible for a company to select a new manufacturing site in South America without understanding the security implications, both from a physical and cyber standpoint?


To accomplish these aims, this group brings together national security, information security, and international business experts.  We fuse this expertise to provide unparalleled solutions and insights for organizations large and small. 



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