Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Virtual CISO

You know your company needs Information Security and you know you need Executive-level expertise, but you also know budgets are tight and you don't think you have the need for a full-time Chief Information Security Officer.   


Our Virtual CISO is here to provide you with the goverance, strategy, and leadership you need to successfully implement an information security program as well as keep the Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team informed of the enterprise's security posture through advanced metrics, strategy, and presentations. 


The Virtual CISO is fully customizable to your organization's goals and needs. Because we operate on an hourly-rate basis, we can provide as many or as few hours as you need.  Optimize your information security with our Virtual CISO services

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence offering integrates the best of military and government agency tradecraft and design with the efficiency and best practices of the private sector.  


Steve's career was built on cyber intelligence.  He spent over 10 years supporting the National Security Agency performing network and cyber intelligence. He designed and implemented Cyber Threat Intelligence capabilities for multiple Fortune-500 companies.  


CTI is not just about implementing the latest technology and feeding threat indicators into your SIEM. It is much, much more than that.  It is understanding your own network inside and out, having visibility into what is happening on your network, integrating and feeding indicators and rules into your security systems, having a thorough understanding of the external cyber threat, and have the technical AND analytical expertise to be get ahead of it.

Program Assessment and Roadmap

With extensive experience supporting an array of industries - including Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, and Energy - we can help you assess your information security and build you a roadmap for the future.  While we certainly utilize nationally and industry recognized standards such as ISO2700* series, NIST Cyber Security Framework, CIS Top-20, HIPAA, PCI, etc. Our assessment takes you further.  We look at your program logically and practically. We want to ensure you are actually protected and not just checking a box.  


Our roadmaps follow the same principle.  We not only take into account what the assessment found, but the reality of your situation and business goals.  We work with your leadership team to develop a roadmap that fits with your budget constraints, tailored to the expertise you have on hand, and integrates with your business goals and services. 

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