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Edward Snowden 

Inside Story and Lessons Learned

As Edward Snowden's boss during his short time at Booz Allen, Steve was heavily engaged in the circumstances surrounding Edward's disappearance, hunt, and aftermath.  Engage Steve as he shares his personal story with Edward and the lessons learned about leadership, life, technology, and security. 

Insider Threat

Protect yourself from those that you trust the most.

Most people of think of the insider threat as being someone with malicious intent bent on harming your organization.  However, the single greatest cybersecurity threat in your company is not the malicious insider and it is not the external Chinese hacker seeking to steal your intellectual property; it is your loyal and trustworthy employee.  


Learn how to protect yourself against all types of insider threats ranging from your trusted employee to malicious insiders like Snowden. 

Global Cyber Threat

The cyber landscape continues to rapidly evolve.  Industry builds a system, hackers build an exploit, industry protects against that exploit, and hackers find a new one. And so the cycle goes.  

The reality is, there are all kind of cyber threats out there looking to profit off you. Whether seeking to steal your intellectual capital, defraud you out of millions of dollars, or embarass you in the public space, hackers know they are in an envious position.  They can hit you and there is seemingly little you can do about it.  Learn about what this threat is and how you are a target.


Steve worked for many years as a sunject matter expert in Cyber Intelligence at the National Security Agency, has built multiple Cyber Threat Intelligence programs for Fortune 500 companies, and has served as a Chief Information Security Officer with a focus on defending the corporate enterprise against such threats. 

Crisis and Communication Management

"Never let a good crisis go to waste"

Having experienced first-hand the crisis that ensued with Edward Snowden, Steve learned critical lessons on how to successfully navigate crises that may arise in your business or life.  


A critical element, and one that many fail at, is communication.  Effective communication wth all interested parties - from your junior employee to the CEO to your clients - is just one crtical element to surviving a crisis.



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